The beauty, the simplicity, the silence - I appreciate everything about the outdoors - even the challenge of its indifference to my personal comfort. I spend as much time in it as possible, hunting in the fall, ice fishing and skiing in the winter, camping, fishing, and backpacking throughout the three warmer seasons. My love of the outdoors and adventure are rooted in how I was raised.



I grew up on a resort in central Minnesota. There were 18 cabins tucked into the woods overlooking a small lake. We never had a TV; my summer entertainment was fishing for pint-sized panfish off the dock and making friends with the kids staying in the cabins. In the fall, guests would leave the resort, and our family would transition into school and the hunting season. My two brothers were my heroes, anything they did I wanted to do too. So, it fell to pass that I pretended to like black coffee, rising at unearthly hours in the morning and sitting in freezing cold weather. As I grew older, I started to appreciate different facets of those discomforts for myself. My passion for the outdoors grew along with me, and I have found new ways to enjoy nature. 



This past year I spent more time than ever before chasing the perfect shot, not with a shotgun or rifle, but with my camera. Pulling the trigger and pressing the shutter hold the same excitement for me. Life slows in the seconds leading up to the shot. I rely on my eye and on my practice. I walk away from both experiences with a story to tell. My hope is that my photographs, writing, and videos convey that story and excitement.

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