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Camping in the Badlands

I gently tapped the ice crystals off the tent before unzipping it. Stepping out into the crisp morning air, I caught my breath. The cold had worked its magic that night and the morning sun illuminated gold leaves with a delicate rim of sparkling frost.

Water, oatmeal, Raman, granola bars, backpacking stove, forks and the necessities for coffee all went into the basket. We skipped down the dilapidated wood stairs to the overlook. That's one of the many great things about camping, why not make breakfast with the most beautiful view around? Sipping our coffee, we caught each others gaze and giggled as passers by curiously watched our cooking methods.

Me, "Shouldn't we be to there by now?"

Liz, "Maybe."

Me, "Are we on the right trail?"

Liz, "I'm not sure?"

Me, "Should we turn around?"

Liz, "Do you want to?"

Me, "Mmm.. nah. This is beautiful."

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