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An Afternoon Adventure

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

We were on our way to one of my favorite places on earth. A little lake just far enough from anywhere to feel wild. As we hiked the first steep downhill, the sled gathered speed and caught Mandy in the back of the legs, neatly depositing her in the hazel brush. We continued on in good spirits, not in the least dampened by the rough start.

Squirrel was on the menu for lunch. You might wrinkle your nose at the thought, but squirrel is one of my favorite wild meats. It is very mild, and there is nothing else that compares to the flavor. It is also somewhat of a treat, because as much as I like the meat, cleaning squirrel is a frustratingly tedious process. Two hours after I started cleaning them, I had a very small pile of meat and a renewed realization of why I only squirrel hunt once a year.

With nothing to do for the afternoon but enjoy the present, we laughed, and cooked, and explored the lake. Sometimes you have to take time out of life and enjoy the simple things.

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